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Bisque AWS simplifies creating DevOps production quality AWS CloudFormation templates through a fluent Microsoft .NET library.  AWS CloudFormation Templates created by Bisque AWS use a variety of publicly available DevOps deployment techniques, including AWS Cloudformation cfn-init and Opscode Chef resources.

Using Bisque AWS as your “infrastructure as code” resource, DevOps teams are able to create AWS CloudFormation templates using intuitive, compiled .net code.  The generated AWS CloudFormation templates are standalone resources to create and maintain your development to production deployment stacks.  In other words, after generation from Bisque AWS, the AWS CloudFormation template is completely functional and needs no additional resources to deploy the template.  There are no Bisque AWS servers to create or maintain.  There are no binary packages that are created or deployed.   There are no custom AWS EC2 machine images (AMIs) to create or maintain.  Bisque AWS templates work straight in the AWS CloudFormation console.

Bisque AWS reduces the amount of code and complexity to define your DevOps templates.  A typical Bisque AWS DevOps stack template can be defined with C# code that realizes a 90% reduction of codelines as compared to the generated AWS CloudFormation json template.

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