Bisque TFS UpdateAppConfig

Bisque TFS UpdateAppConfig allows the build process to update values in deployed (copied to the bin\$(Configuration) directory and renamed to myproject.dll.config).  It works by specifying the XPath to the configuration element to update and providing a new value for an attribute.

In the example below, a connection string is being updated.  The connection string element is selected via the XPath of “configuration/connectionStrings/add[@name=’CodeCamperDbContext’]”.

Then the actual attribute to update is specified as “connectionString”.

Lastly, the actual connection string attribute’s value is updated with the value of “Data Source=$(MySqlForBuildTestEndPoint);user id=$(MySqlForBuildTestMasterUserName);password=$(MySqlForBuildTestMasterPassword);”

Note there are environment variables specified in the connection string’s value.  These are evaluated by the task and replaced.  These environment variables were created from outputs from Bisque TFS AwsCloudFormationDeploy.